Friday, 13 August 2010

WIP shots of my first Armies

I first played DBA in he early 90's and recently linked up with a workmates bro who plays DBA and introduced me to the world of 1/72 scale plastics (Thanks Stef you're a better general than Pizza chef!). Previously a snob I'm a real convert now, you cannot beat the price, variety and quality of these figures. So far Im really pleased with the look of the painted miniatures and have the bug enough to be working on masters for some 1/72 scale dark age buildings I'm gonna cast in plaster and maybe sell if there is interest, email me at if you want some or have anything interesting to say or ask about the blog, painting or DBA gaming.

Three Saxon Spear Elements, or warbands for early Saxon armies, figures are Strelets and are great miniatures, lots of character, loads of poses, these are "Anglo Saxons before Battle" and theres 45 miniatures for under £5, great value.

Close up of an Element, I have added damage to the shields and used woodlands scenics for bases after building them up to level of the figure bases with filler.

Another Element, great poses these. I prefer the "Before Battle" ranges from Strelets as they look more realistic I think.

Saxon Generals Element, replaced the spear by cutting it off, drilling the hand and using a LBMS Dark Age Banner o top of white primed tin from a tomato puree tube.

This is the Generals element from my Norse Viking army. Zvezda, very nice figures.

Another shot of the Viking Blade Generals element for my III/40b Norse Viking Army.


  1. Very nice looking figures. I have the set of 1/72 vikings but not painted nearly as nice as yours!


  2. Hey thanks, nice blog, coincidentally I got the same pegasus farm animals through the post yesterday. Im working up masters for some 1/72 scale dark age buildigs Im gonna cast and sell and wanted some farm animals to make the pics look good.

  3. Good work, those are some of the nicest 1/72 I've seen.

  4. Very nice, I have a love hate relationship with soft plastic, nice and cheap, and some really good figures, but I hate painting them, you've done a very good job on these though.

  5. Fantastic paint job, those figures look awesome!


  6. These look really good. I have the vikings & franks set but never got as far as priming them. Strelets have so much flash. Nice work!